solar bag Solar Bag | Solar Laptop bag by SOLARRI
Buying a solar bag?

These are questions you must ask:

1) Does it come with a battery pack for electricity storage and use? Without a battery pack, you will only be able to charge devices when the solar bag is under direct sunlight. Even then, no bag-sized solar panel is powerful enough to run a hungry laptop with sunlight alone- it must utilize the accumulated electricity stored in a battery. Without a battery pack, any excess electricity derived from the sun will be wasted instead of stored. Without a battery pack, you will also be unable to charge the bag from a wall socket for a quick charge, or there is no sun. SOLARRI includes our industry-leading battery pack on all our solar bags- which can be charged from a regular wall outlet.

2) How many mAh is the battery pack? mAh stands for Milliamp Hour, and is a measure of a battery’s total capacity to output electricity over time. SOLARRI’s revolutionary Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery packs are 13,200 mAh. Thus, a SOLARRI can run a large, 17 inch widescreen laptop for 3 hours, and smaller laptops for up to 9 hours.

3) How many watts are the solar panels? Most large-faced solar panels on solar bags have around 6W to 7W (watts) of charging power. Solar bags with smaller panels can get as low as 2W to 4 watts, making them arguably impractical for charging anything. The SOLARRI Photon has a whopping 12 watts of charging power. SOLARRI has achieved these charging specifications using our new solid polycrystalline solar panels. If you look closely at our solar panels, you can actually see the natural crystal formations.

4) Does the solar bag include universal adapters? While others may not, all SOLARRIs include a complete set of universal adapters for the most popular cell phones, MP3/4 players and laptops. 

5) Am I getting good value? Given the naturally expensive construction, design, and materials costs of such a high-performance solar bag, it is more expensive than some cheaper, less useful options that do not have a battery pack or such great specifications. BUT, within the elite category of “laptop-charging” solar bags, the SOLARRI Photon is $100 less than our next best competitors’- while having far greater battery capacity and charge-time at comparable wattage. All this, paired with undoubtedly mature styling, puts SOLARRI at the very top in terms of consumer value!  

Try to find a better solution to your reoccurring frustration of a dead battery, by purchasing this SOLARRI solar bag. A SOLARRI laptop charging solar bag is a great way to power up your day. This charging bag runs your 17 inch laptop for a minimum of 3 hours. When needed, you can charge the 13,200mAh battery via a wall socket or the 12 watt solar panel. You can also charge your cell phone while bragging about this great solar bag.